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Time Management Tips for College Students

Though it may seem like college is a time for fun and freedom, it’s also a time for hard work. If you’re like most students, you probably find that managing your time is one of the biggest challenges you face. Learning how to manage time effectively is a crucial skill for college students. With so […]

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Resume Tips for College Students

You may be perfect for the job you’re applying for, but potential employers don’t know that yet. To land an interview, you need a flawless resume. Don’t worry; it’s not as tough as it seems. With these resume tips for college students with no experience, you can create a curriculum vitae (CV) that will capture […]

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How Did Normal, Illinois, Get Its Name?

It’s only normal to wonder why a college town in Illinois is named Normal. With a rather unusual name like this, students at Illinois State University have likely had interesting discussions with their friends about how the name came to be. The Original Name of the Town You may be surprised to learn that Normal […]

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A Student Guide to Living in Normal, IL

With more than 20,000 students enrolled at Illinois State University, the college town has thrived for decades as an academic/economic engine that continues to roll at full steam ahead. A large part of the success is due to a vibrant environment primed for Normal student living thanks to a campus and a city that work […]

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A Brief History of Illinois State University

Illinois is known for many things — Wrigley Field, Starved Rock State Park, Millennium Park, the Brookfield Zoo, the Anderson Japanese Gardens, Mermet Springs, the Garden of the Gods, and much more. Throughout this great state, another noteworthy claim to fame includes universities with a rich background of academic excellence, especially when it comes to […]

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How to Save Money On Grocery Shopping

You’ve probably checked your grocery receipts and wondered how in the world a few bags of food could have costed you so much. Sometimes, you don’t even get to finish using all of your groceries before they spoil. Even if that’s not your case, we’ve all been there before. Shopping at a grocery isn’t always […]

Building A Career In College

Building a Career in College College is such a busy, crazy time for many people that focusing on the here and now is all most can do. Well, good news! There are several ways to incorporate career building into your everyday busy life. By taking the following steps, you’ll be on your way to creating […]

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The Best Restaurants in Normal, IL

Normal, Illinois is an amazing small town to explore that is home to an impressive selection of new and classic restaurants located throughout the city. At Normal, you’ll be able to experience a great variety of foods, with many restaurants catering to vegetarian and gluten-free customers. We at The Flats at ISU know how difficult […]

Do You Remember the 21st Night of September?

We hope your semester has been off to a good start! The Flats will start leasing for the next school year. As early as it may seem, planning ahead is never a bad idea! Stay tuned for our new incentives, and make sure you also let your friends know. We will provide more information as […]

Summer’s Not Over Yet!

We’d love to welcome our new residents this month, and we’re also excited to welcome back our current residents! We have a little more than two weeks left before we enter a new school year. To kick off the first week back to school, we will have Welcome Week from August 19–23 with an event […]