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The Best Restaurants in Normal, IL

Normal, Illinois is an amazing small town to explore that is home to an impressive selection of new and classic restaurants located throughout the city. At Normal, you’ll be able to experience a great variety of foods, with many restaurants catering to vegetarian and gluten-free customers. We at The Flats at ISU know how difficult it can be to find that perfect place to eat, so we decided to create this incredible list of the best restaurants in Normal, IL. Whether you’re looking to chow down on some tacos, or you’d like to find a nice Italian restaurant, our list has something for you!

Baxter’s American Grill

Baxter’s American Grill is an upscale American style restaurant that has some of the best American food in town. Baxter’s American Grill serves up a variety of amazing culinary creations like their Brazilian steak kabobs, Baxter’s pretzel burger, and Filet Mignon. Baxter’s also offers a wide variety of vegetarian and gluten-free options for their customers, like their vegetarian pasta primavera and their gluten-free steak tacos. This restaurant features an upscale modern atmosphere that would be a great spot to have some dinner with some friends.


Biaggi’s is a local upscale Italian restaurant that serves up a variety of different Italian food. Biaggi’s features an extensive menu with lots of different menu items to choose from. Some of their delicious culinary creations include pasta, pizza, salad, seafood, steaks, and desserts. Biaggi’s also has a variety of different wines to choose from, with healthy affordable wine prices. This is a great and very nice Italian restaurant to go for a date or to just have some food with some friends.

Fort Jesse Cafe

Breakfast and Lunch go great together, and Fort Jesse Cafe serves up some of the best Brunch in town. Fort Jesse Cafe features a nicely sized menu with lots of different types of food to choose from. Fort Jesse Cafe also offers vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan options for its customers. This is a great restaurant for a Sunday brunch with the family, or to just have brunch with some friends.

Tobin’s Pizza

Of course, we couldn’t leave out Tobin’s Pizza, one of the best pizza places in Normal. Tobin’s Pizza serves amazing handmade pizzas that are created with dough made from scratch, then Tobin’s Pizza will add a generous portion of toppings of your choice and bake it to perfection. Tobin’s Pizza also offers gluten-free pizza for all of their gluten-free customers. This pizza place has a great atmosphere and can be a great place to celebrate a birthday party, have a date, or just eat with some friends and family.

Tony’s Tacos

If you’re looking for a great place to eat that’s quick, easy, and cheap, then check out Tony’s Tacos! Tony’s Tacos, hands down, has some of the best tacos for the price in town. Their tacos are made with the freshest ingredients that are delivered daily to Tony’s Tacos. Tony’s Tacos is a great place to have some lunch during work or just some lunch with friends and family.

D.P. Dough

D.P. Dough is a fast-food style Italian restaurant whose main focus is selling delicious, piping hot, calzones. D.P. Dough also has some gluten-free and vegan options for their customers, so everyone can enjoy these amazing calzones. This restaurant also serves great bone-in wings and boneless wings. This is a great place to check out for delicious food while still being cheap, quick and easy.

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