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How to Manage Stress as a College Student

How does stress affect college students? Unfortunately, the effects of stress on college students are multifaceted, influencing mental health, academic performance, and overall well-being. Recognizing how stress affects college students is the first step in addressing this issue. The overwhelming pressure to excel academically, social expectations, financial burdens, and the transition to independent living contribute […]

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Famous Illinois State University Alumni

Looking up famous alumni from any university can give potential students an idea of who they could become after graduating. Founded in 1857 as Illinois State Normal University, ISU is the oldest public university in Illinois. It has six academic colleges that produce talented graduates and former students. The school also has notable staff members […]

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Time Management Tips for College Students

Though it may seem like college is a time for fun and freedom, it’s also a time for hard work. If you’re like most students, you probably find that managing your time is one of the biggest challenges you face. Learning how to manage time effectively is a crucial skill for college students. With so […]