March Is Here!

Interested in renewing and need some more money for spring break?! Come down to the front office to ask one of our Community Assistants how we can help! We have lower rates than ever and more incentives for renewing to go along with it. Don’t miss out on some extra good deals here at The Flats!

Maintenance Tip

Please be careful when stowing a large amount in your refrigerators. Some residents have been having trouble because their food has been blocking the light at the top of the fridge. When the light is blocked, there is no air circulation, and food can go bad.

Reminders and Updates

We have installed a doorbell in the 709 lobby, meaning the front door will be locked 24/7. You must either have a key to get in, ring the doorbell, or buzz up to the room to which you are trying to go.

Soft Skills Make a Difference

A positive attitude and the ability to look someone in the eye while giving a firm handshake can truly set two very similar candidates apart in the job process. In this day and age of hiring and recruiting, we’ve been hearing a lot about soft skills, or people skills, when describing a candidate’s interviewing and hiring process. These are the skills that basically allow you to get along and interact with others in a work and social environment. Your ability to evaluate and hone your people skills should be part of your job prep, just as you ensure your resume is clean and typo-free.

An employee should be able to communicate, listen, share ideas, and interact with people (sometimes difficult people) in a way that demonstrates professionalism at all times. During the interview process, while your resume is showing your credentials, you are inherently demonstrating your soft skills. It takes constructive thought to be the person you want to be in the workplace. It doesn’t just happen by chance — it happens via thoughtful awareness, informed actions, and respectful engagements.

The skills of success, such as being adaptable, being positive, having a willingness to assist, and conveying a strong work ethic, are arguably more important than any degree or credential.

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