Do You Remember the 21st Night of September?

We hope your semester has been off to a good start! The Flats will start leasing for the next school year. As early as it may seem, planning ahead is never a bad idea! Stay tuned for our new incentives, and make sure you also let your friends know. We will provide more information as we get closer to leasing season.

As always, check out our Community Events Calendar for upcoming events. We love seeing and meeting our residents!

Special Highlight

If you’re recycling, we kindly ask that you don’t leave the items in the trash chute areas. We have a designated recycling bin in the 611 garage, located near the entrance/exit door in the middle area.

Reminders and Updates

Your rent installment is due on September 1. To avoid the $20 convenience fee, schedule a recurring payment (one time or monthly) and use an e-check.

Printing is available in the leasing office while the 709 second-floor lounge is being renovated. Please bring paper.

Roommate 101

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of living in a Campus Advantage community is the opportunity to live and work closely with all types of people. We know that living with roommates isn’t always easy, whether you moved in with friends or were matched up with new people. Either way, it’s perfectly normal to have the occasional roommate conflict, and there’s actually a lot to be gained from handling a difficult situation maturely and respectfully.

We want to make sure you have the tools to handle these situations should they arise, so check out the tips below to ensure you and your roommates have the best living experience possible this year:

  • Schedule a roommate meeting: Set up a time for all roommates to get together and have a proactive conversation about each person’s preferences and expectations when it comes to cleanliness, guests, sleeping/study times, the use of others belongings or food, etc.
  • Be open minded: You and your roommates may be very different, and that’s OK! Stay open minded and positive about your roommates’ views and experiences, and you may end up learning a lot about them and yourself in the process.
  • Give each other space: Even though your apartment is made for multiple people, everyone appreciates having space to themselves once in a while. Make sure you are sharing time in common areas and respecting each other’s privacy.
  • When in doubt, talk it out: Most problems can be solved by just talking through the issue before it gets out of hand. If something is seriously bugging you about one of your roommates, bring it to them in a mature one-on-one conversation before bringing in other roommates or escalating the situation. Passive-aggressive behaviors won’t help.
  • Divide responsibilities: While every roommate should commit to cleaning up after themselves, determine the best way to divide other responsibilities, such as taking out the trash, vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen, etc., to ensure everyone plays their part.
  • Use conflict resolution backup: While talking can usually fix an issue in its early stages, sometimes a more structured approach is necessary. If you’ve tried and feel your efforts aren’t helping resolve an issue between roommates, reach out to your Community Assistant or the management team to help you brainstorm options. The management team is trained and willing to help conduct a roommate mediation process, if necessary, but is also happy to provide you with tips and tools to handle it yourself.

We want you to have a successful living experience while at our community, but we know that living with roommates can mean an occasional difference of opinion. When roommates decide to communicate their expectations, listen and try to understand each other, and care about each other’s well-being — the many great memories you make will outweigh any small conflict you may have.

Community Events Calendar

TBA — September 21

Stay In and Self-Care Night — September 26 @ 5 p.m. in the 709 lounge